What’s The Story?

Free Access to nature

Our chickens are free to roam free. They spend loads of time outside with access to lovely green fields where they can run around as they please—just as nature intended. 

This means our chickens can live right and forage naturally with plenty of fresh air and sunlight (when the Irish weather gives it to them).

Slow Growing breed

Our chickens are a traditional slow growing breed that matures sloooowly…at nature’s pace. This makes for a great-tasting, succulent chicken.

That’s right because it makes for a stronger chicken that’s totally chilled out and enjoys a calm life. (There’s no rush hour on our farms.)

That chilled way of life means our chickens are free to be themselves in their own unique way. One might tap away on the drums while another might spend their days on the swing. And that uniqueness comes across in the slightly darker pigmentation on some of our chickens. This is completely natural and simply adds to the distinctiveness of our Irish, slow growing breed.

Born & Raised on Our Farms

Our chickens are born and raised on the same family farm, generation after generation (often by farmers raised on the same family farm, generation after generation).

That’s right because it means familiar surroundings from the moment they’re born. They can tóg go bog é (chill) and calmly find their way around their home without all the hustle and bustle.

Grain fed from our own mill

We feed our chickens a really healthy grain-based diet made at our very own mill. Even though it’s a secret recipe, we can let you in on a few secrets:

Our multi-grain feed is a special blend of…guess what? We’re not going to tell you. Because, well, it’s a secret, right? We’ve been perfecting it for nearly 50 years now, so we promise it’s just right.

More space to grow

Our chickens have more than enough space to spread their wings and grow freely and comfortably while enjoying their surroundings.

Just a few chicken feet away, there’s plenty of space to play with perches, seesaws, straw bales, swings and even…drumroll…instruments (yes, pianos and guitars!) for their enjoyment. It’s the right type of environment to grow up in.