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Skinless Chicken Thigh Fillets

Our flavourful 420g Chicken Thigh Fillets take on a gorgeous smoky flavour when cooked on the barbecue but are equally delicious roasted or baked with all the fixin’s for a family of 4-5. All that great-tasting chicken doesn’t happen by accident. We owe it to our grain-fed, slow growing breed.

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Whole Chicken

Being grain-fed from our very own feed mill only adds to the succulence of our 1.5kg Whole Chicken. In fact, it’s so tasty, it’ll have you doing the Can Can. And if that alone doesn’t, our Cancan Chicken recipe will.

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Chicken breast fillets

Our 500g Chicken Breast Fillets come in an easily stored compact tray, which is widely recycled after use. Perfect for a family of 5-6, these versatile fillets work wonders in anything from the classic Chicken Fillet Burger to a flavourful Thai Green Curry.

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Diced Chicken Breast

All 380g of our Diced Fillets are packaged up in our innovative pouches, which use 15% less packaging. Each pouch fills 2-3 adults who are looking for less mess, effort, and clean-up when cooking. Simply cut, pour, and cook.

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